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Product Code: H5L Gold
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The handle is made from Damascus steel (pattern welded)
The design of the handle is simple to show the true beauty of the steel. The diameter of the razor handle is 14mm and the length is ˜90mm. With standard M5 x 0.8 threading.  A note to the buyers make sure your thread is no longer than 6mm just so that the handles fits well, not recommending this handle for heads with long threads. Only 5 coloured handles of each model have been made.
Modern Damascus Steel:
Pattern welded steel, showing the vivid patterning and the layering is created by acid etching the steel.  The 1080 plain carbon steel darkens more than does the 15N20 low alloy nickel steel, producing alternating bands of light and dark on the surface.
The colour of the steel (Gold or Blue) is created by heating the steel to a very high temperature.
The safety razor head is not included in the sale!
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