Shavers Delight

We are a small online shaving supplies store in UK that offer a wide variety of straight razors, safety razors, razor restoration and stropping supplies as well as a honing service.  We aim to deliver excellent customer service and try to offer the best possible items at an affordable price.



The idea of Windrose shaving was created in 2012 when we realized that to find traditional shaving equipment made in UK is almost impossible. At first, we set out to create our own Straight razors and successfully finished our Windrose straight razors in 2014. From that point onward, we have added a selection of leather/cotton strops as well as a number of stropping compounds. In 2015 we set a goal in making our own safety razor sin the UK and by 2016 we have finished several of our own safety razors. We would like to continue to work and expand our razors and goods selection.